Player Responsibilities & Game Rules



GO Soccer Pick-Up Game Rules

1. Fighting and/or Pursue/Address another player in a hostile manner is not allowed!

While soccer is a contact sport, Go Soccer will never tolerate fighting. All behavior decisions will be made by Go Soccer Administration. Fighting is grounds for ejection without refund for that session, and likely complete removal from the Go Soccer program. Please see our Disciplinary Policy for full details.


2. Slide Tackling is not permitted!

Slide tackles increase the risk of injury for the attacker and defender. Slide tackles are considered dangerous play and an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the other team.


3. Proper Soccer Equipment: non-metal cleats and shin guards covered by socks is a must!

If you come to a game without adequate gear, you will not be allowed to play, and you will forfeit your session fee. We take safety seriously.


4. Be Sober!

If you come to the game drunk or under the influence of any substances, you won’t be allowed to play and will not be given a refund for that session. All drinking-related decisions will be made by Go Soccer administration.


5. Goalkeepers, we need you!

As a goalkeeper, you agree to show up for your game. If not, Go Soccer will take action including but not limited to replacing your position in the league and/or curtailing your goal keeper signup privileges.


Game Levels

Go Soccer makes every effort to place players accurately within our level system, though occasionally players may be miscategorized. Your use of the Go Soccer program acknowledges not all players at a game will be at the same level, and that, while Go Soccer will address these issues as they arise, Go Soccer is not promising all games will be free from players far above or far below the other players. Go Soccer will also make level accessibility changes based on feedback and other information obtained about player skill level/experience. By using the Go Soccer program, you agree that Go Soccer administrators will set your level of play. If Go Soccer deems you have been assigned incorrectly, we may change your level, with or without notice to you. Games often have a quota for different levels of players. Go Soccer reserves the right to expand quotas if there are open spots on game day. Your registration for a game acknowledges this practice and your acceptance thereof.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel up to 48 hours before game time to receive credits to your account. Please email Go Soccer support to receive the refund. If you want to cancel less than 48 hours before game time, a refund is contingent on multiple factors unique to that particular game, including the number of players on the roster at the time of cancellation. Please email Go Soccer support with questions about a particular game. Unfortunately, Go Soccer cannot guarantee refunds due to player injury.


Disciplinary Policy

All actions will be assessed and addressed by Go Soccer administration. You agree to abide by Go Soccer administration decisions. You may be contacted by Go Soccer administration after a game. Failure to adequately modify behavior after a warning can result in suspension or complete removal from the Go Soccer program. Actions subject to the disciplinary policy include but in no way are limited to: overly aggressive play, such as slide tackling after warning, charging, attacking the goalie after the ball is dead, etc.


Ambulance Policy

If you are injured, you may decide to return to the game or to leave the game. Unfortunately, Go Soccer cannot guarantee refunds due to player injury. In life threatening situations, other players may call 911 when deemed appropriate. If trained EMTs are involved in responding to your injury, they will make the determination about your medical condition. If their evaluation recommends that you go to the hospital or otherwise seek immediate medical attention, you are not permitted to rejoin the game. You acknowledge that neither Go Soccer nor any Go Soccer participants or representative of Go Soccer is responsible to take you to a hospital. If someone volunteers to take you, or if you as a healthy Go Soccer game participant volunteer to take an injured player, that is solely the decision of the driver and Go Soccer assumes no responsibility for the trip or actions/events related to it.


Account Closure

You may request the administrator to close your GoSoccer account and refund your remaining balance. To start this process, send your written request to with your intention to close account. A refund processing fee is $20 or 5% of your current GoSoccer balance, whichever is greater. A check will be mailed to you once your mailing address has been confirmed.



A player’s behavior in a league season may, at the discretion of Go Soccer administration, affect eligibility for concurrent/future league seasons.