Elementor #448

Simple Affordable Sociable Friendly Beginner's Veteran's FUN soccer games of

Two ways to play


$ 65-95 8-12 games
  • Play with same teammates each season
  • Get your own jersey kit
  • Regulated by officials
  • Keep track of standings and scores
  • Team skill parity checked


$ 8-11 per game
  • Fun and fast
  • No jersey required
  • Sign up and show up

Simple, Easy Steps

  • Register for FREE
  • Self Assess Skills
  • Charge account with funds
  • Sign up for Leagues / Games
  • Show up and bring your A game!


Our top priority is for every player who plays at GOSoccer events to be safe. On top of that, we also want you to have fun. The only way is to play by the rules, respect each other, and take it easy. It’s very important to carefully read all of our rules before attending your first game!

Referral Program

For every new friend you refer to GOSoccer, you get $10 in GOSoccer account credits to be used anywhere in GOSoccer. Referral bonus will be credited to your account once they sign up for a league and has started playing their first league game. Simple as that!


Contact Us

Still have questions? Ask us a question below or leave a comment. We are always all ears. We will reply to ALL messages. (Okay, maybe not all, we will not reply to spams.) And we’ll get back to you as fastest as we can.